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Compulsory Indemnity Form:

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In terms of various pieces of legislation including but not limited to the Occupational Health and Safety
(OHSACT), Construction Regulations, SANS 0400 National Building Regulations, Disaster Management
Act, Events Bill, Regulation of Gatherings Act – No 205 of 1993, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, and
EMS City Bylaws the exhibitor:

* hereby confirms that all of its employees, agents and/or contractors / sub-contractors acknowledge
the legislation applicable within the Republic of South Africa,

* recognizes the inherent hazards that exist during the setup of, the exhibition itself and the
breakdown of the exhibition, and enters the property entirely at his/her own risk and therefore the
Exhibitor waives any claim of whatsoever nature against Compex, its employees and/or agents in
respect of any loss, damage and/or injury whether same is the result of any negligent act or
omission on the part of Compex, its employees, agents and/or mandatories or other independent
contractors or by a third person or by way of defective equipment or materials supplied by the
company, and further;

* the Exhibitor hereby indemnifies Compex, its employees and/or agents against any claims from the
Contractor’s employees and/or any other person, arising and being caused in the manner set out

do hereby declare that I acknowledge having read and understood the above statement and furthermore,
confirm that I am duly appointed to sign on behalf of the exhibitor and agree to abide by these conditions.

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