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Design by Invitation is an all-around Creative Graphic Design Studio, brimming over with creative juices. This Creative river of Graphic Design, Laser Cutting & Printing, Conceptual & Digital Design has been flowing for over 12 years, in a wide array of tributaries in the creative industry. The Design by Invitation Design & Production Teams are backed with a SAQA Certified N High Dip in Visual Communication Design and years of practical, creative hands-on experience. This means that we are a team of actual Certified, Qualified Graphic Designers in a Creative Design & Production Studio – not just a couple of people that can work a computer.

Design by Invitation designs with PASSION and spunk to create and customise every design to your need – “designing as it is in your heart!” whether it’s your Wedding, Corporate Company or Event, Sport or School Functions that is screaming to come alive with innovative trend-setting, creative ideas – we will Custom Design, Print, Laser Cut, Engrave and Produce to your complete satisfaction.

With our hands-on approach and personal touch throughout the Creative Process, we create and serve each client with superb attention to detail as we set the way for new trends and head-turning, lip-flapping ideas. We will dare to be different with exhilaration as we meet your creative dreams and expectations.
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