Make your event perfect with a stunning release of white doves. We have a variety of packages to suit your needs. Dove Releasing at weddings, funerals and other special occasions:

Package 1:
1 Small cage (wrought iron or white) with stand, 2 doves.
For hand-release only.

Package 1.2
2 Small cages (white) with stands.
1 Dove in each cage.
For hand-release only.

Package 2:
2 Baskets (white) with stands, 30 doves OR 2 Cages (white) with stands, 30 doves OR 2 Cages (white) with stands, 40 doves.

Package 3:
3 Cages (white) with stands, 50 doves.

Package 4:
4 Cages, (wrought iron) with stands, 20 doves.

NEW! Package 4.2
4 Large cages (white) with stands, 70 doves.

Package 5:
10 doves – 1 large white cage or 2 wrought iron cages OR 5 Doves – 1 cage of your choice.

All packages include cage decoration.

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