Wedding Men Suit

DescriptionWedding Men Suit

Anais Nin was quoted saying ‘we don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are’. And this is true for us at London Royal, when a gentleman walks by we do not simply see what the eye paints but what royalty pains in us.
We see him in a perfect tailor made suit, exclusive, made especially for the gent by our team of experienced cutters, tailors, finishers and skilled Italian designers. Giving you the James Bond effect that’s irresistible to the female species.

Like any Brandy, we too have different tastes and makes for each and every occasion. When you wed your lady, we are there to dress you, if you are having that meeting that draws the line between boys and men, we will dress you. If you are gent who likes the feel of fine Italian fabric on your back every day, we have just the right fit for you.

Some ask what kind of a party is it without some spirit and we ask what kind of a gentleman wears a suit without a tie, shirt or nice quality belt. Our royal taste in blazers, shirts and belts will surely make you dress to kill.

Our men’s suits are high quality, designed in Italy and made in Turkey. Our 100% pure leather belts are made with the finest Italian leather. Men’s shirts are made from 100% Egyptian Compact Cotton and our ties imported all the way from Italy, made from silk/micro-fiber or knitted.

We have a range of party dresses, flower girl dresses, boy’s suits and christening gown to make your little one look the best.


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