After many years experience in the industry and as a shareholder in a previous Wedding Venue I decided to go on my own – and from that day forward, Louig Giano at Mon Plaisir. If I can choose a country it would be Italy. So old, with architecture that has so much character, attraction, and its people – from there on, I wanted to build my own “small Italy” – Louig Giano at Mon Plaisir (my pleasure). Come walk in the street of Louig Giano at Mon Plaisir – even better – come dance with your dream dress in the street…..! Come experience the beauty of the old world, with its own character – so old – so much feeling – your own Italy. The most perfect venue to host your Dream Wedding!

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Roux Str; Hoewe 9 Enormwater; Kameeldrift Wes