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Hallo, I am Annalene, a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Pretoria. Basically, if it is human, I photograph it. I am one of those lucky people whose hobby and passion became their job. Photography was part of my life since childhood, and when I started photographing people I was finally in my element.

As a photographer I see the world for what it can be. In the photographic world, every client and place has the potential to become an amazing photo. I love telling the story of two people who share their special day with family and friends. My camera does not tell the truth, it tells a version of the truth, like a memory where all you remember are the good times. The final album is a journey of the day told in scenes.

My style is classic with a dash of fashion photography. Wedding photographers tend to mix photojournalism with their own particular style. I feel that photos must stand the test of time and not get dated by fads. I am influenced by high fashion photos, portraiture of the great masters and stills from films. I like to direct people to get the desired look, while still capturing their individual couple style.
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