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Do you need help with your wedding? Struggling to find the right suppliers or is the stress taking over the best time of your life? Why not hire a professional!

Wild Hearts are meant to roam this earth freely, experiencing the kiss of the sun on their cheeks, the wind bellowing their name as they wander across fields of golden grass; whilst they dream of what adventures tomorrow will bring.

The heart knows when it has found its love, it knows to cherish it and celebrate its beauty. We at Wild Heart Planning treasure to see the love that couples share blossom on their wedding day. We are a wedding planning and coordinating team working throughout the Gauteng area, specializing in the creative process of weddings as well as flower and décor styling. With our open door policy, no wedding is too big or too small when it comes to the language of love we do it all! With our industry knowledge and relationships with suppliers, we pride ourselves in catering to every bride’s specific needs and visions of your perfect day; whilst utilizing the best suppliers suited to your budget, theme and personalities.

So contact us today, make an appointment to meet up with our planners and let’s chat over a cup of coffee.

Leave the stress at home and get yourself a planner <3
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