Dear Client,

This is a tutorial on how to use the Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide Drive.


Please remember that you are allowed to upload content in advance – in the relevant folder.

Please remember to send us an email once you have uploaded your content.

See the following email address options: (web profile, blogs, styled shoots or real weddings) (any social media) (if you are unsure)



Welcome to your new website, social media and advertisement benefits!

We have come together as a team to make the process of sharing any and all content with us as easy and efficient as possible, ensuring that you are able to maximise your free benefits.

What can you upload to your folder? 

– Social media

– Blog content

– Advert material

– Website profile material

Every Bruidsgids and Wedding Guide client is now able to send in their social media, blog content, styled shoots and real weddings in advance via the drive that we have created for you.

The drive was created to remove the hassle of trying to remember to send in your social media and blog content every week. Going forward, you are welcome to upload your blog content for months / years ahead on our drive.

Yes, you read that correctly!

Each client will receive a link to their own folder on our drive. This link is accessible to and editable by everybody who has the link. So please do not share with just anybody.

In your folder, you will notice there are Bruidsgids folders and Wedding Guide folders. (This is for everybody who is / was in more than one magazine with active benefits.)

Your benefits are PER MAGAZINE.

Meaning if you have more than one package or are in more than one magazine, you receive each package’s benefits per month.

As a reminder, refer back to your free benefits on the following link:

1. All Wedding Guide 2024 clients’ benefits are active until July 2024

(when Wedding Guide 2025 launches).

2. All Bruidsgids 2024 clients’ benefits are active until December 2024

(when Bruidsgids 2025 launches).

3. All Wedding Guide 2025 clients’ benefits are active until July 2025

(when Wedding Guide 2026 launches)

4. All Bruidsgids 2025 client’s benefits are active until December 2025

(when Bruidsgids 2026 launches)


Welcome to your new social media benefits!


Upload your social media content in the corresponding folders in your drive folder. Please let us know when the content has been uploaded.

Please see the tutorial video for a practical demonstration. 

Your content consists of:

  • 5 (maximum) photos / videos
  • A brief description regarding your business / products / services / promotions / even an inspirational story / quote

NB!!!! There is a Word document in your social media folder – please remember to include your caption!


1. Where does my content get posted?

All content gets posted on our Facebook page, Ek’s Verloof Facebook group, our Pinterest platform & on our Instagram account’s Instagram stories.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Each client’s Instagram story will be 5 seconds long (this is non-negotiable).

Why? If we increase the story length our audience will not watch the story until the end which affects the statistics.

2. When will my content be posted?

There will be no specific day that is allocated to each client, we will be working from updated lists of our clients and ensuring that we keep track of each post for each client.

3. What content should I send in?

Please send a maximum of 5 photos of your product / service weekly. Please also include a small, detailed description describing your product / service to help target your ideal audience.

4. Do we have to add our own hashtags to our posts for social media?

You do not have to add your own hashtags; we will add relevant hashtags to your category within the industry. However, if you do want to add any specific hashtags please just make sure to add them in your description.

5. May I include a video as my social media entry weekly?

You are welcome to send through video content.

If your video is longer than 15 seconds, the video will be shortened or speed up for our Instagram Stories. Any sounds or voice overs will also be removed for the Instagram story post as we add our own music over the videos.

6. Can we tag any of the suppliers that feature in our content?

You are welcome to send through the name of any of the featured suppliers for example; photographer, venue etc, that we may add their names in the description of your post. However, please note that if the vendor is not a listed supplier of Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide, they will not be tagged.

7. Will my content be posted over the weekend?

No content will be posted on weekends.

8. May we advertise anything on your platforms?

You are welcome to send through any wedding related content to be posted on our platforms. Every piece of content that is sent through is quality checked and the descriptions are proofread before it gets posted. If the content does not meet our standard or is not according to our social media rules, we will inform you and ask you to send through new content to be posted.

9. Why is my content not being posted?

If you do not let us know that your content has been uploaded, the content
will not be posted from our side.

10. How do the Facebook competitions work?

You are welcome to run 1x Facebook competition per month on our Facebook page. You are responsible to add your own terms & conditions for each competition and you are also responsible to announce the winner. A detailed description of what the competition entails etc. must be uploaded for the description of the post to the Bruidsgids Drive.

11. How do the Instagram giveaways work?

Instagram giveaways are only subject to our Platinum Package clients. You are welcome to upload 1x Instagram giveaway per month to be posted on our Instagram feed. You are responsible to add your own terms & conditions for each giveaway as well as responsible for announcing the winner. The giveaway ad must contain all your contact details as well as all relevant information, otherwise an image will also be accepted if it is relevant to the giveaway. A detailed description of what the giveaway includes etc. must be uploaded for the description of the post on to the Bruidsgids Drive folder. The giveaway will be posted in a carousel format on our Instagram feed with an inspirational photo that we choose as the first picture of the carousel to still match our feed.

12. May other vendors be included in my giveaways or competitions?

No other vendors may be included in any giveaways or competitions.

13. Where does my content get posted on Pinterest?

Your content is posted on our Pinterest platform All content gets posted into a relevant Pinterest board according to your product / service category.

14. What content gets posted on Bruidsgids & Wedding Guide’s Instagram feed?

Only our own content gets posted on our Instagram feed, the only exception for content posted on our feed is if Platinum Package clients are running Instagram giveaways.



Welcome to your new online benefits!


1.WEB PROFILE (new clients)

Start by selecting the relevant Magazine you are in, select web material and then web profile. (If you are a web client you can open the web material folder firstly)

Upload the following content to their corresponding folder for your web profile and please let us know when the content has been uploaded:

  •  9 x Square Gallery Images (1:1 ratio)
  •  1 x Banner Image (Landscape image – this will be cropped to a 16:7 ratio)
  •  Please indicate the image you wish to be seen as your *profile picture’. This is the image displayed when searching your business name. Please follow the link to view an example of a website profile;
  •  Short Description & Contact Information (If applicable: Email, Number, Website, Facebook & Instagram URL links, Location – or general area of where your company conducts business).
  • *Platinum and Gold packages should please send 2 x landscape images (1 x profile banner and 1 x category banner).



If you already have a web profile and are an existing client, you would start HERE.

  • Styled shoot = a shoot that is coordinated (it looks like a wedding but it is only a creative photoshoot.
  • Real Wedding = this is a wedding that was photographed that actually took place.
  • Blog post = This is more informational.

(Please note all the above HAVE to be wedding related and it will be posted to our blog ‘love is’)

Great news! You can now upload your blog content in advance. This means that you can upload content up until the end of your contract with us. How convenient?

Each blog post, styled shoot & real wedding folder is sorted into months and years.

Select the month you would like that blog post to be posted in, and click on the corresponding blog number. Upload your images as well and click on the styled shoots & real weddings document an fill in the details. Please take notice of the required tabs and remember that there is no limit to how many vendors you can list. The same counts for styled shoots and real weddings.

Please see the specifications for blog posts, editorial spread and real weddings as follows:

  • ± 20 images to be uploaded to folder per post to our blog ‘Love is’
  • Short Description, Name for the blog post & listed vendors.

Take a look at our blog to get an idea of what a blog post looks like:

3. Advertisement (this is for magazine clients only)

Select ‘Magazine Advert’ and you’ll see two folders. One for the content for your advert in the magazine you are featured in and an ‘extra photo’ folder (depending on the package you have).

Please refer back to your welcome email to see what we require from you.

You will see two folders:

1. Design – Own = This is if you would like to design your own advert

See the specifications as follows (depending on your package):

* Full-page advert = 3106 px X 2550 px

* Half-page advert = 2125 px X 1416 px

* Quarter-page advert = 1421 px X 1037 px

2. Design – Bruidsgids = This is if you would like Bruidsgids to design the advert for you. Upload the following to the folder:

  • 3 – 5 x High Resolution images (this needs to be wedding-related)
  • 1 x High Resolution Logo with a transparent background (PNG)
  • A short description of your services (please keep this very short so as not to take away from the visual element in your advert)
  • Contact details

The short description and contact details can be added as a document (please see the tutorial video above if you are unsure).

Extra Photo

If you are a client that receives an extra photo (your welcome email’s steps have notified you), please upload the following to the extra photo folder:

5 – 7 x High Resolution images

TAKE NOTE: Extra Photo’s may NOT have any text on them. The design team will add your business name and contact details (please do not attempt to do this yourself).


1. How many times may I update my images on my websile profile?

You are allowed to update the profile once every month if you wish to do so. We encourage you to keep the content on your profile updated to showcase your latest and newest work or services.

2. How can I resize my images accordingly?

If you have access to a design programme on your computer, for example Photoshop or Illustrator, you can resize the images by cropping the image to a 1:1 ratio. If you do not have these programmes – see a link to an online app that allows you to crop and compress the images:

However, if you do not have these programmes or struggle to get the correct size, you are more than welcome to send me the images uncropped and I will gladly assist you.

3. How many images are needed for a website profile?

For the entire website profile, we will need 10 images. These must consist of the following:

1 x landscape image for the banner section

9 x images (landscape or portrait) for the gallery section

Please indicate the image you wish to be seen as your *profile picture’. This is the image displayed when searching your business name. Please follow the link to view an example of a website profile;

*Platinum and Gold packages should please send
2 x landscape images (1 x profile banner and 1 x category banner)

4. What is the difference between a Blog. Real Wedding and Styled Shoot?


This is an article written by the advertiser to give the bride more insight into the business. For example this can be tips on skincare or a beauty timeline suggestion, if you are a beautician. The article may be accompanied by images supporting the article and may be +- 500 words. Please ensure to send the name of the writer, as well as the photographer’s business name if images are included.

Please follow the link for an example;


A real wedding is any wedding that you as a supplier helped to assist with in the past regarding a product or a service.

A real wedding blog post consists of +- 20 photos with a small description of the wedding day if you wish to add one. Always include the bride and groom’s names as well as the names of the photographer and venue.

Please follow the link for an example;


The styled shoot section of the blog is where all the styled shoots you did in the past can be shown. This includes +- 20 photos and the business names of the photographer and venue.


And that’s it.

We look forward to working with you and your beautiful content 😄