Good day all,

Here are the recipes that are already taken by other venue’s.
Please note: Even though another chef is making a pasta dish, for example, you can still make pasta but just another version.

Menu 1:

1. Homemade honey butter granola with poached fruit and yoghurt

2. Fresh berries and cream cheese flapjack stack

3. Bacon, mixed sweet peppers and red onion egg roll with a cheesy pepper

4. Salmon and avo ciabatta benedict with homemade hollandaise


1. Baby asparagus and danish feta quiche

2. Cajun chicken couscous salad

3. Prosciutto, fig, cottage cheese and hony bruschetta

4. Pear, gorgonzola and walnut puff pastry tart


1. Homeade basil pesto, feta and chicken linguini

2. Garlic & rosemary roasted rump with smashed baked potato and chimichurri

3. Aubergine, zucchini and three cheese lasagne

4. Butter chicken roulade served on wilted baby spinach and brown basmati

Menu 2:

1. Ouma brood – n Lekker eenvoudige brood resep wat elke husvrou moet he.
2. Eggs Benedict – N maklike manier om ‘n “fancy” ontbyt voor te sit. Kan Ouma brood gebruik as brood gedeelte van die resep.
3. Ons bekende Creamy scrambled eggs.
4. Vinnige flapjacks. Bedien met bacon, room of sommer net stroop.
1. Heerlike slaai maar eintlik fokus op die slaaisous resep wat lekker lank hou in die yskas.
2. Butternut en feta quiche met ‘n tuisgemaakte deeg resep.
3. Savoury cheesecake
4. Soet mostert sous om te gaan saam met ‘n verskeidenheid van happies.
1. Roast chicken
2. Slow roasted lamb
3. Pumpkin fritters – ‘n gunsteling by ons venue.
4. Rustic fried potoates – Was al omtrent by elke troue bedien
5. KFC style chicken.


Menu 3: 


  • Eggs benedict
  • Bubble and squeak braai leftovers
  • French toast croissant with cream Cheese and bacon and maple syrup
  • Napolitana Bowl with egg and Bruschetta topped with parmesan


  • Gourmet Chicken wrap
  • Last night puff pastry quiche
  • Seafood Pasta salad
  • Thai Chicken Poke Bowl


  • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni topped napolitana sauce
  • Greek style Lamb Shank
  • Spanish Paella
  • Butter Chicken

Menu 4: 


1. Cinnabun and pecan smoothie

2. Spanish tortilla

3. Pecan biscotti


1. Creamy mushroom soup

2. Capri croque monsieur

3. Easy poutine

4. Roasted butternut and goats cheese salad


1. Chutney Chicken

2. Cacio e pepe pasta(cheese and pepper pasta)

3. Morrocan lamb shank


1. Apple pie gelato

2. Salted caramel ricotta baked Cheesecake

 Menu 4: 


1. Morrocan breakfast 

2. French toast  with a twist: tomato & basil 

3. Waffel with berries & yogurt 

4. Toast with poach eggs, crab / salmon & a cream cheese sauce 


1. Sausage meatballs with chickpeas & couscous 

2. Hummus & baloaganash on Rye bread with a corn and tomato salad

3. Roast chicken with mac & cheese jaffel

4. Beer battered fish with a tartar sauce & baby potato


1. Morrocan chicken with lemon and olive on a bed of couscous salad & chickpea salad

2. Ossobucco with lamb and beef on white rice & sweet carrots

3. Phylo chicken & veggie pie 

4. Stuffed chicken with potato bake & spinach