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Mother knows best

A mother is the first to recognise the distant sound of wedding bells long before the big question is asked. From that moment she already starts to prepare herself psychologically for this amazing moment in the life of her daughter.

Finding the most flattering dress for the mother of the bride or groom starts with an open-hearted discussion. She has to feel attractive in her dress, which will boost her self-confidence. Her personal style, her body type and what makes her generally feel comfortable when dressing up are important matters to bear in mind. So, during the discussion, begin by highlighting her best assets and then consider the areas that make her feel a little self-conscious and which she would therefore like to minimise. 

Silhouette and pattern are more important than the length of the dress. Although a long gown is more appropriate for evening weddings, any length will be fine for daytime weddings. Showing a little skin is perfectly acceptable. For instance, there is no need for great legs to hide under yards of fabric or toned arms be wrapped in silk. Keep the detail simple. Stylish detail such as lace, embroidery, pearls or intricate beadwork creates an elegant picture while overstated embellishment is distracting and spoils the effect of the outfit. Play around with beautiful necklines. If extra cover might be needed in anticipation of cooler weather, do not go for a bolero. Rather consider a mesh overlayer or above-the-knee evening coat for coverage.

As far as the colour of the mother-of-the-bride’s outfit is concerned, it is a matter that the bride and her mother should discuss. The age-old etiquette rule regarding colour is still being adhered to. So, steer clear of colours such as white, champagne or beige as these colours are the bride’s prerogative. The latest fashion trends even allow black to be used for the mother of the bride, such as a layer of black lace over a natural or gold sheen lining. Colour schemes incorporating shades of grey and dusty tones are also trendy. The main consideration should, however, be the colours used for the outfits of the bridal party. The best choice would therefore be for the mother’s dress to tone in with the bridal party, i.e. staying in the same colour spectrum but not matching them exactly. The colour of the mother-of-the-bride’s dress also sets the tone for the outfit of the mother of the groom, who should be brought into the conversation to ensure that both ladies look and feel their absolute best while celebrating the union of their children. 

Remember, the wedding day will be very emotional for the mothers and they will be very busy welcoming guests and performing other hosting duties. It is therefore important that they should feel confident and comfortable in their outfits throughout the day. 

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Photo by: Anne Grace Photography


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