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Dress suitably at your wedding

It is a celebration, probably one of the most important days in your life, so you should dress accordingly. Bland and boring office wear would not be appropriate! Your bride is going to look stunning and your outfit should complement her beauty. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a suit or a tuxedo as they will make you look distinguished and they flatter the body – and it’s your wedding day!

  • What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

The biggest difference between a suit and a tuxedo is the use of satin in tuxedos, which often have satin lapels and pocket trims. A tuxedo can be any colour (black, blue, maroon, etc.). The accessories that accompany a suit also differ from what would be worn with a tuxedo. Generally, a wing collar shirt and bow tie are worn with a tuxedo and a tie is worn with a suit.

  • When would a suit / tuxedo be appropriate?

A tuxedo would be the appropriate choice if you plan an extremely formal wedding that will take place after 18:00 in the evening.

For a wedding that takes place in the afternoon but continues into the evening, the contemporary groom has a choice between an elegant, well-fitting two-piece suit, or a more stylish three-piece suit, which gives you more choices regarding colour and fabric. Again, the choice will be dictated by the type of wedding being planned and the season.

  • How to choose the colour of the suit

The choice of the colour of your suit will also depend on the season and the ambience of the wedding, that is, whether it will be formal with, say, a string quartet, or more casual and relaxed. 

The best colours for a wedding suit are charcoal grey or deep navy blue. However, lighter grey, light brown and blue suits have their place in the summer months and at exotic locales. Avoid brightly coloured suits as they are too gaudy for a wedding.

When choosing your wedding suit give some thought to whether you will be able to wear it again after your wedding. In other words, go for a colour that would be suitable for other formal events/meetings.  

Rental suits are always an option to consider as they are much cheaper.

  • The perfect fit for a suit

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TIP: This is a good time to purchase the groom’s ring.

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