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Dance the night away

Why is it essential to book dance lessons before your wedding day

One of the steps in your timeline is to take dance lessons for your wedding day. Many of these steps in your wedding planning have a lot of administration and create stress, where dance lessons are one of the most fun steps! This is why:

  1. Dance classes will feel like a weekly date night to make time for each other. Where you will not talk about planning, finances or anything, but enjoy each other.
  2. It is a confidence booster: Your husband will have more confidence to dance before his friends and family.
  3. Vulnerability: It is quite a vulnerable thing for a man to dance, making it more romantic and unique.
  4. Make it a beautiful memory: The song you dance to on your wedding day will forever be “Your Song”, so why not create a beautiful dance to which you can dance for the rest of your lives.


TIP: This is a good time to compile a wedding playlist and organise a wedding car. 

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