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The guide to perfect gift-giving

Unsure where to give which gift? Here’s a few tips

Gifts before the wedding: 

The type of gift you give a bride at her kitchen tea, and bachelorette party, differ. Spoils for the bride like underwear, gift vouchers, and spa days are perfect for bachelorette parties. However, when it comes to a kitchen tea, gifts like kitchen appliances and things the couple can use together will be acceptable. Another tip: Always ask the bride where she wishes to open her gifts to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Gifts at the wedding: 

A tradition at weddings is to give a thank you gift to the parents of both the bride and groom – remember to add this to your wedding timeline. At your wedding, ask a responsible member of your bridal party to take the wedding gifts home, as well at the unwanted table gifts. Taking a look at wedding favours for your guests, decide on a budget for the gifts and think practically about the gifts. Another heartfelt gift is to write a personal letter to each guest attending the wedding and writing about how they add value to your marriage. 

TIP: The big day is getting closer – this is a great time to go for your final dress fitting.

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