The Bridal Party

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How to choose the perfect bridal party?

Is she bridesmaid material? 

Your bridesmaids should assist you in planning the wedding, so it is important to give them the correct responsibilities. 

Here are a few possible responsibilities

1. Help the bride make decisions about the bridesmaids’ dresses.

2.Helping the maid of honour & mother of the bride plan the kitchen tea and bachelorette parties.

3. Helping the bride compile / make / arrange any elements of the wedding.

How long before the wedding should the bridesmaids be asked?

Your bridesmaids are the friends you wish to share the planning of your big day with, so asking them in time is essential. If you ask them early in the wedding planning process, the load will be much lighter and you will have more time to delegate tasks. A reasonable amount of time to give them is six months before the wedding – this will allow them time to plan the kitchen tea, decide on dresses, and complete all the decided tasks.

Here are a few ideas on asking your bridesmaids

  • Have a girls night with your bridesmaids and ask them then. 
  • Give them a fortune cookie they should break open and see the message where you ask them. 
  • Pack a bridesmaid 101 giftbox.

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