Black Tulip Floral & Décor Styling
General Information

I am Stefan the owner and founder of Black Tulip Floral & Décor Styling. I am a qualified flower & Décor Stylist who specializes in “Luxury Fine Art Weddings & events”. My journey started off with my first professional wedding at the age of 16. I went on to get a qualification as an event manager at “Prestige Academy” as well as a qualification as a flower & Décor stylist and wedding planner at the “SA School of Weddings” where I had the opportunity to gain even more professional experience that I believe make me stand out above the rest. 

My Style: 

I would describe my style as dramatically bold and extraordinary, with an air of elegance and beauty. To sum everything up in one phrase I would say “Natural Luxury Fine Art” 

My Inspiration: 

I get most of my inspiration directly from South African nature (Bushveld, Desert, Savannas) with all of its layers of art and textures and I absolutely love the earthy tones of it (Sand, Terracotta, Stone, cream etc). Black is a distinctive colour in the use of my styling and can certainly be seen as part of my brand. I love using contrast in shape, colour and texture, to ensure exclusivity in my styling. 

Why Choose Me? 

As a qualified “Flower & Décor Stylist” & “Wedding Planner” I have all the skills needed to bring your vision and dream to a reality. My Style, vision, inspiration and attention to detail is what makes me exceptional from the rest of the suppliers in the industry. If you choose “Black Tulip Floral & Décor Styling” for your wedding/event, I can guarantee 100% client satisfaction. I am looking forward to your enquiry. 

Business Name: 

Black Tulip is a name that speaks for itself as it is known as the “Queen of the night”, it is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. This speaks of how I want my brides to experience their special day like a true Queen. 

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Contact Details

• Contact number: 074 065 9537 

• Address: Cunningham Avenue, Waverley, 1337 B, South Africa


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