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Our vision at Eden and Co® is far more encompassing that just creating and selling products: Instead of encouraging society to buy MORE, we want to add value to the lives of our customers by offering luxury leather products and jewellery of superior quality in order for our customers to buy LESS. We believe in slow fashion, in natural materials, and in purchasing individually made staple pieces, rather than cheap mass production items. We believe that superior quality and customer service are non-negotiable. We believe in real people and real relations with the people that buy and wear our products. We believe that every little scratch and mark tells a story.

Since everything is made by real people, as an Eden and Co® customer and family member, you will be sure to own something unique – something embedded in a trusted past, but so durable and classic-designed that it will face the future with pride and dignity. Since we only use the highest quality natural materials, our products will age beautifully, get only richer in character, and gain authenticity and a unique story as it gets used through different generations.

Our aim is simple:  to create products that are luxurious, timeless and of world-class standards, and to build a family of loyal customers that all have their special stories. We trust that your unique Eden and Co® product will add value and contribute to the story of your life.

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• Address: Bo-Karoo, Noord-Kaap, Suid-Afrika
• Website: www.edenleatherco.com