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Felix Entertainment has its roots in all music genre’s provides professional and licensed DJ services, live entertainment, photography, and sound engineering for any event. This innovative partnership between Luke Felix and Elaine Venter has the end in mind and understands no one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.
FE has been bringing their vibe to audiences in the greater Gauteng area since 2010, working with many South African artists.
This professional, experienced duo specialize in any type and size of wedding, with excellence and pre-planning with the bridal couples months in advance, paired with high-quality equipment and technical sound engineering. Over the last decade, we have done countless weddings, which allowed Luke to read any crowd.
Elaine has an eye for detail and beauty. This perfectionist captures the essence of every moment that lasts the test of time.
We offer customizable packages with no hidden cost that caters for any pocket. Our packages will suit all of your event requirements.

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• Contact number: 076 621 4637 / 079 421 3841
• Address: Pretoria, South Africa