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FitChef is an extraordinary food company with a strict #EatClean ethos to govern our ingredient choice, based on our never-ending pursuit to provide optimum health, delicious taste and maximum nutrition to our customers. All decisions are honestly based on putting your health first by selecting a wide range of nutrient-dense whole food ingredients without adding artificial additives (no colourants, no preservatives and no refined sugars).

FitChef challenges are more than just healthy eating – it’s about making things possible and being the conscious creator of your life! FitChef is recognised as the leader in eat clean solutions as we don’t compromise on REAL FOOD ingredients. FitChef supports your goal to be the best version of yourself by using food to optimise energy levels, mental focus, gut health, emotional state, weight management and immune system. Real food is the foundation!

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• Address: Skyway Business Park,1 Freda Road, Unit 6, Sonneglans, Randburg, South Africa & Online Shop
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