General Information
Hellohaai is a Jewellery brand that offers modern, but timeless silhouettes. We have something for the modern & savvy  AND the elegant & timeless kind of bride. 
We specialise in Modern polymer clay earrings that are great for any type of occasion because it is as light as a feather, making sure you get to enjoy your wedding night without stressing about the “little things”. We have a range of designs to choose from, but we LOVE custom bridal and bridesmaid orders.
Jewellery is something intimate and personal to the one wearing it, and taste and preference should not be compromised for quality and price.  Hellohaai’s collection of polymer clay earrings are the perfect blend of intricacy and statement, that are truly flattering on everyone.
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Contact Details

• Contact number: 060 094 3556 
• Address: Online Store
• Website: www.shophellohaai.co.za