Houtskool Labels
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Selecting the perfect bottle of wine from the shelf is like browsing an art gallery. We look for different. We want to experience something new. At Houtskool, we respect the audience by respecting the craft.

 We create something new without abandoning the fundamentals of good design. We push the boundaries by understanding where they lie. Craft is that extra bit of polish, careful selection of typography, or subtle particle effect that causes you to lean forward. It immediately catches your eye, drawing you deeper into the experience.

 We focus on delivering timelessness: immediately compelling experiences but endurably engaging.

 Houtskool is the Afrikaans word for charcoal. Even after wood has passed through the fire, it still holds the potential to create again.

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• Contact number: 076 010 1483
• Email Address: malvin@houtskoollabels.com
• Website: www.houtskoollabels.com