Laminin Agora
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Laminin Agora celebration venue is located in the beautiful Garden Route. Our BRAND NEW venue and training center is truly something to see. With a wrap around of breathtaking views we will be able to offer you or your company a modern facility.

Laminin is a cell adhesion molecule. It’s the stuff that holds the membranes of our bodies together. A diagram of its’ structure is to the right. Isn’t it something that the shape of the “glue” that holds us together is in the form of a cross? Yes, as Psalm 139:14 says, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. And we do have such an awesome God that is in ALL the details of our life. Such details as shaping the glue that holds us together in the form of a cross.

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• Contact number: 072 974 5600

• Address: Erf 151, Outeniquabosch, Brandwacht, Hartenbos, Mosselbaai, 6520

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