Live Cartoon Portraits
General Information

My name is Gary Carvalho. I’m a professional, live caricature artist who sketches accurate and good-looking caricature portraits of wedding guests on the wedding day. It takes only about 3 minutes to have a wedding guest sketched live! Singles or couples can be sketched together on an A4 page size as well as group sketches on A3 or A2 page sizes which are ideal for family and bridal party portraits. A specially designed wedding monogram personalises all the caricature portraits.

The tons of giggles and laughter generated through my LIVE caricature sessions can go on for hours, making this form of entertainment, a truly SPECIAL and an UNEQUALED one! A bride and groom caricature portrait, sketched in colour, is the highlight of the LIVE caricature session – for the newly-weds, it’s a thrilling experience and the caricature portrait makes for a deeply cherished wedding memoir!

Please contact me for more details; I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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• Contact number: 083 317 7107
• Address: Gauteng, South Africa