Savannah Greef Photography
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South African Elopement & Wedding photographer inspired by film, emotions & all things love & adventure bound.
I’m a low-veld based photographer longing to tell your story. “Photographs are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. They are the memories & feelings you will cherish and hold close to you forever. I approach my photography as I do my life, to capture and experience a wild, untraditional, out of this world adventure that captures only the purest, most raw feelings of crazy love & emotions, for all kinds of love. I want you to feel your photos and reminisce about that special day, those feelings won’t fade and will only become more meaningful with age. I want you to feel all of it! Id love to tell your story, from beginning to end in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. It will take time & trust, but I promise it will be worth it. Come rain or sunshine, if you’re up for the adventure, so am I!
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• Contact number: 072 325 1254
• Address: Limpopo, South Africa
• Website: