SH-RD Hair Care South Africa
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The SH-RD Repair Series is a luxurious hair care range especially designed to bring lifeless hair back to health.

It contains all the vitamins and protein supplements necessary to achieve healthy strands! By enriching our range with herbal Rosemary and D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5 Complex), SH-RD is a series of products that addresses hair that has been damaged by environmental factors, daily life stresses and chemical services. By in-fusing hair with natural herbal rosemary, multi-vitamins and others, this series of products help provide nutrients to damaged shafts, repair damaged hair and restore lifeless hair back to health. (Not to mention taking amazing care of your already healthy strands too!)

Our range of products will make your hair feel “Light as Feather” and we believe our SH-RD Hair care line is the ultimate product you just can’t live without.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HAIR – it’s the CROWN you never take off!

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