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Just a few words from a coffee lover and radical Believer…

What an absolute privilege it is for me to be doing something that I love… there’s not much more to add here that you haven’t read on every other photographer’s page other than I didn’t choose photography – it chose me!

One of the things I love most about taking photos is the fact that I get to see the best version of people… everyone is usually excited, dressed up and in a great mood (positivity is something I swear by on a daily), and then afterwards I get the most amazing feedback from happy clients as well!

I believe in creating a comfortable and memorable experience and try to make a difference wherever I go. Most of my clients stick by me for years! I’m sure that says something…

I invest my time, my energy, prayers and resources into every client I take on. It’s all about the journey for me and not JUST the end result.

Let’s write your story together 🙂

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• Contact number: 082 308 4236
• Address: Johannesburg, Gauteng (willing to travel)
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