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The discussion of whether to invite children to a wedding always becomes a difficult choice to make for any couple planning their wedding. In one corner, you have people (often parents with children) who thinks kids add a certain magic to the atmosphere.  In the other corner, you have those who feels as though kids at weddings are just a nightmare.

—-The screaming, the messing, the running—-

But including little one’s in your festivities doesn’t have to be a horror movie in the making…

The Wedding Nanny SA can make inviting children to your wedding a beautiful family occasion where everyone enjoys the magic day!

If you considering having children at your wedding or event, The Wedding Nanny SA can help your guests relax and enjoy the occasion.

We can assist at children’s tables, entertain the children and care for them during vows and speeches.

We create a fun and beautiful activity zone in any size space,  big or small!We can provide children’s tables and chairs, throws, floor mats for sleeping and TV.  PLUS lots of fun toys, games and activities for all ages.

Our packages can be customized to suite your needs and budget.
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