Trampoline Squad
General Information
Trampoline fitness is an aerobic rebounding program designed to improve the health of your heart and to strengthen every part of your body. It’s created to bring your health and fitness to the next level.
Jumping on the trampoline has been proven to increase your metabolic rate, and help to keep your weight down. Your metabolic rate remains elevated for up to 24 hours after you get off your trampoline. Rebounding is an extremely efficient calorie burner. Because of its many health benefits, it is a good exercise to incorporate into your weight loss plan. Improved lymphatic circulation which aids elimination of waste and toxins, also helps you to attain your weight loss goals quickly.
Our packages:
Costs for Trampoline Squad classes:
R70 per class or
R500 per month for unlimited classes (6 month contract)
R600 for month to month contract (unlimited classes)
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• Contact number: 079 892 8324
• Address: 314 South Village Avenue, Lynnwood