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At Your Personal Jeweller, Johan Vosloo, a jewellery designer, sees each jewellery piece as an extension of the owner’s personality, sentiments, and uniqueness. Each piece tells its own story and makes a statement that leaves a lasting impression.

When Johan designs, he strives to see through your eyes and understand what you envision for yourself. He closely observes your preferences, lifestyle, hand movements, and facial expressions, as these provide valuable clues for creating something functional and pleasing.

His greatest joy comes from hearing clients say that their designs have “aged” with them, still eliciting compliments. He enjoys working with precious metals, natural materials, and colorful gemstones.

Our specialties include:

– Unique jewellery designs

– Manufacturing of jewellery

– Jewellery style advice

– Jewellery repairs and restoration

– Jewellery assessment and polishing

– Upcycling of precious metals

We create keepsake jewellery pieces to capture precious memories for a lifetime.

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