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2. Compromising comments or comments aimed at inciting hostility are inadmissible.

3. No hate speech will be tolerated.

4. No spam with offensive photos or videos will be tolerated.

5. Ek’s Verloof reserves the right to moderate and / or remove comments. Duplicate posts may be removed by Ek’s Verloof.

7. The commenter need not be notified if comments are removed and reasons for their removal need not be provided.

8. For your own safety, you must not disclose personal information (ID number, cellphone number and / or address) on the site. Instead, send a private message.

9. Only wedding related posts are allowed on the page.

10. All posts are pre-approved by the Ek’s Verloof admin.

11. The discretion to decide which posts to make on the page rests solely with Ek’s Verloof.

12. Ek’s Verloof does not have fixed working hours and therefore no guarantee has been given that placements will be approved within a certain time.

13. Advertisements may only be placed on Mondays and the cut-off time is 16:30.

14. Suppliers’ comments must be relevant to the post on which comments are made. For example, A photographer’s services may not be advertised on a wedding venue post.

15. Ek’s Verloof will not be held liable for the delay or failure of placements, due to circumstances beyond our control.

16. We request users to report comments that violate the above rules.

17. Please note, if a public holiday is on a Monday, the posts will be approved on the following working day.

18. The supplier agrees to protect the good name and reputation of Bruidsgids at all relevant times and accordingly render its services to the customers generated through Bruidsgids in a professional and acceptable manner. The supplier acknowledges that by its failure to deliver its services in a professional and acceptable manner, and by virtue of its affiliation with Bruidsgids, it could potentially cause Bruidsgids to suffer reputational harm.

The parties accordingly agree that Bruidsgids shall be entitled to remove the supplier from the group should it receive complaints from a customer and/or prospective customer pertaining to the poor service delivery and/or substandard of work by the supplier. In this event Bruidsgids shall furnish the supplier with proof of any such complaints and the supplier shall be afforded the opportunity to offer an explanation as to the cause of the complaint. Should Bruidsgids find the customer’s complaint to be reasonable, fair and with merit and should the supplier fail to offer a perceivable explanation as to the cause of such complaint(s), Bruidsgids shall remove the supplier from the group with immediate effect.
In the event that Bruidsgids removed a supplier from the group the supplier shall have no claims against Bruidsgids.

The customer forthwith indemnifies Bruidsgids against any claim as a result of loss or damage suffered by a third party and/or customer caused by the poor service delivery by the supplier.